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October 15, 2018


A Federal Budget Plan to Avert a Debt Crisis
Brian Riedl, E21

Annual budget deficits are projected to soon surpass $1 trillion, on their way to $2 trillion or even $3 trillion in 10 to 15 years. Social Security and Medicare face a combined $100 trillion cash deficit over the next 30 years, which would push the national debt to nearly 200% of the gross domestic product (GDP). At that point, interest on that debt would consume 40% of all tax revenues—or more, if interest rates rise. Unless reforms are enacted, global markets will, at some point, stop lending to the U.S. at plausible interest rates. Read more here....


Are dropping premiums a sign of Obamacare success?

YES  Obamacare Premiums Would Be Better Without GOP Sabotage – Jon Healey, LA Times
NO  GOP to Thank for Easing the Burden of Obamacare– Sally Pipes, USA Today


Can the City of Light Become Silicon Paris?
Mario Polèse, City Journal
Learn from Trump’s Taxes (subs.)
Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
USMCA Sets a Worrying Precedent
Iain Murray, National Review
World’s Longest Flight a Triumph Over Oil Prices
Nathaniel Bullard, Bloomberg
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